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Information on Joining the Parish

Would you like to become a registered member of St. John the Evangelist Church? We’d love to have you join our parish community!

Complete this New Parishioner Information Form and drop it in the collection plate during Mass, or return it to the church office at 1229 Vermont Street.

If you have questions about becoming a parishioner, please feel free to contact the parish office at (785) 843-0109 or .

Being a Parishioner

For most Catholics in the United States, their primary experience of parish life is attending Sunday Mass. This weekly participation in the Eucharistic Liturgy is naturally and rightly a focal point for Catholics. However, there is so much more in terms of both opportunity and responsibility.

The phrase that is often used in understanding Christian stewardship is Time, Talent, and Treasure. God has gifted us with knowledge and abilities and calls us to share these with those around us—with our family, at the parish, in our neighborhood and civic community. We all need to earn a living somehow, but beyond that, we are to freely give of our time, our skills, our knowledge, and some portion of our material resources (money/possessions). As God is generous with us, we are to be generous with others.

Many Catholics regularly attend Mass in a given parish, but do not realize that they do need to specifically register with that parish. By filling out the parish’s registration form with basic names and contact information, the parishioner will be included in mailings and directories and will be provided with envelopes for regular contributions. This registration tells parish staff how many people they need to serve, who will be needing sacramental preparation, how many children will receiving religious education, and what ways in which the family can offer time, talent, and treasure.

More Information for New Parishioners

Registered members of St. John Church receive a bi-monthly mailing from the church office. The bi-monthly mailing includes giving envelopes and the parish newsletter with valuable information. Mailings arrive Jan 1, March 1, May 1, July 1, Sept 1, and Nov 1.

Need to know if you are already registered in the parish? Call the church office, (785) 843-0109, to find out.

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