Christian Formation


Christian formation is on-going throughout our lives.  One duty of a Catholic parish is to provide opportunities and experiences for everyone to participate in – classes, worship and programs – that form us as Catholic Christians.   There are many, many opportunities and experiences in St. John Parish for Christian formation.


Adult Initiation

  The process of formation for sacraments of initiation for non-Catholic adults and school age children and for those baptized Catholic but not raised in the faith is detailed in the church document entitled Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). The entire parish community takes part in the initiation of adults but it is those members who serve as sponsors for those to be initiated who are most directly involved.  Parishioner volunteers make up the Initiation team that coordinates the various events and activities associated with the preparation and initiation of new members.  Parishioners also serve as hosts and hostesses, facilitators for Breaking Open the Word.  Parishioners in the Atrium and Children’s Liturgy of the Word also serve children. Catholic adults who have been actively practicing their faith but were never confirmed may join the group for part of their preparation for Confirmation.

Pat Lechtenberg                         785-843-0109



Parish Library

Reading materials, videos and audiotapes, mostly of Catholic, religious or spiritual content are available in an informal parish library.  It is self-service and items may be checked out for a few weeks and then returned.  The library is located in Simon Parish Center and is open during regular office hours.

Pat Lechtenberg                                      785-843-0109


Religious Education

Heather Coates                                               785-843-0109


Lawrence Catholic School

Pat Newton, principal                              785-843-9511

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