Grocery Card & Trash Bag Sale

Grocery Card & Trash Bag Sale

Pre-Order Your Grocery Cards & Trash Bags Today!

By pre-ordering gift cards you will be able to bypass the purchase line after Mass and simply pick up your order at the gift card table. Please have a check made payable to “St. John School” ready for the total amount due. Cash and credit card payments will also be accepted.

To preorder, simply fill out the form below. Your name will be needed to fill your order, and your email (optional) will be used to send you a confirmation message (may take 24 hours to send). Note that you are not making a purchase at this time; with this form we will simply hold your order for you to purchase at the next gift card sale.

Space is provided below for you to leave optional comments or instructions with your pre-order. More details about each item can be found below.

Pre-Order for January 10-11, 2014

Upcoming Dates:
February 7-8
March 7-8
Apr 11-12
May 2-3

Personal Info

Please be sure to provide your name.
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Grocery Cards

Hy-Vee: $50
Dillons: $50
Hy-Vee: $100
Dillons: $100
The Merc: $50
Checkers: $10

Hy-Vee Coupon Booklet

$50 worth of coupons for only $5!

Hy-Vee Coupon Booklet: $5

Trash Bags

White Roll: 60 bags, 18 gallons each;      Black Roll: 40 bags, 30 gallons each;
Yellow Roll: 20 bags, 39 gallons each;      Grey Roll: 15 bags, 55-60 gallons each;

White: $12/roll
Black: $12/roll
Yellow: $12/roll
Grey: $12/roll

Additional Amounts / Comments

Use this box if you would like to order an amount of gift cards not available above.
You may also use this box if you would like to leave specific comments with your order.


Submit Your Pre-Order

Please calculate and make note of your total amount due BEFORE submitting your pre-order.



Grocery Card & Trash Bag Sale Details

This regularly recurring fundraiser supports the St. John School. Grocery cards and trash bags can be purchased after every Mass (except 1:00pm) next to the Padre Pio Chapel at the North entrance of the church.

Please pay by check or cash if possible. Credit cards will be accepted, but reduce our overall profit. Checks can be made payable to “St. John School.”

Once you start using these cards, you’ll wonder why you haven’t participated in this program before. More details below!


Purchase Hy-Vee gift cards and Hy-Vee donates 6% back to the St. John School. Gift cards are good for anything at Hy-Vee like groceries, gas, pharmacy, and more! Cards are sold in $50 or $100 increments.


Purchase Checkers gift cards and Checkers donates 6% back to St. John School. Gift cards are good on all purchases at Checkers. Cards are sold in $10 increments.


Purchase Kroger gift cards and Dillons donates 6% back to the school. Gift cards are good at any Kroger owned company like Dillons and KwikShop fuel stations. Cards are sold in $50 or $100 increments.

The Merc

Also available now are gift cards to The Merc! Purchase gift cards and The Merc will donate 6% back to the school. Cards are sold in $50 increments.

Trash Bags

Don’t forget to purchase a roll of trash bags, as well! Each roll costs $12. Here are the details:

White Roll:
18 gallon bags, 60 per roll
Black Roll:
30 gallon bags, 40 per roll
Yellow Roll:
39 gallon bags, 20 per roll
Grey Roll:
55-60 gallon bags, 15 per roll

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