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Space for Church Ministries

Ministries sponsored by St. John the Evangelist may reserve a room on Church grounds. Complete the form located on our website at saint-johns.net/FacilityFormForMinistries.pdf and return to the Simon Parish Center. Ministries are welcome to reserve rooms for meetings and events after completing this form. Questions? , Business Manager, 843.0109, cdenning@saint-johns.net.


Facility Reservation Form for Church Ministry Groups



Renting Space

If you would like to make reservations to rent space for special events such as weddings, family reunions, etc., please contact the Simon Parish Center, 843.0109. You must also print and return with deposit the Facility Reservation form located on our church website at saint-johns.net/FacilityForm.pdf. Questions? Contact Cris Denning, Business Manager, 843.0109, cdenning@saint-johns.net. Check  payable to “St. John Church” and write “Facility Deposit” in the memo line. Mail to:

St. John Church

c/o Cris Denning

1229 Vermont Street

Lawrence, KS  66044


· Deposit $100 - The deposit is due at the time of reservation and will be returned one week after inspection of the facilities.

· Insurance $95 - Liability insurance coverage is required by the Archdiocese and is non-refundable. Special event coverage can be purchased through the parish office or a certificate of insurance can be provided through some homeowner’s policies. Insurance and balance of fees are due three weeks prior to the event. To maintain our tax-exempt status, we cannot rent facilities for political functions.

· Maintenance Fee $250



· If you do not want to rent space at St. John, space is available at the Knights of Columbus Hall located at  2206 E. 23rd. The hall has two floors, holding 400 each. Call 842.2699.



Facility Reservation Form

St. John Church


1229 Vermont  Lawrence, Kansas  66044  785.843.0109

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