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Becoming Catholic. Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the Church’s process to become Catholic and receive the sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist. For some, this process completes their Christian initiation, as they were baptized in another Christian community, and seek full communion with the Catholic Church. Classes meet Sept-Easter. Questions? Michael Podrebarac, 913.647.0330  liturgy@archkck.org. Click here to go to the RCIA website.


Before Mass Announcements. Before each Mass, announcements are read to bring attention to special events, activities, or opportunities to serve.


Bi-Monthly Mailing. Parishioners receive a bi-monthly mailing from the church. Enclosed will be regular donation envelopes, special envelopes for Holy Days, Christmas, Easter, etc, some times there is a parish newsletter and/or a religious pamphlet.


Bricks. Buy a brick in the Walk of Faith Brick Garden. One line engraving $100. Two lines $125. Click here to print an order form.  


Bulletin. The most important tool of communication we have! Communication is very important at St. John as we embark this journey of living as good stewards of our church and faith. Our goal is to reach as many members as possible and provide the most effective means of communication.

· Weekly Bulletin. Each week, the church provides a bulletin where valuable information is available. Special features done on major events, upcoming liturgical seasons e.g. Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, etc, and all sorts of major announcements, opportunities to serve, general info, and things of interest. Click here to go to the Weekly Bulletin website.

· Advertising in the Church Bulletin. To advertise a service, you must purchase an ad on the back of the bulletin. Revenue from ads also makes the bulletin possible at no cost to our parish. Contact Jon Becker, jbecker@4LPi.com, 913.254.9171. We do not provide space inside the church bulletin for parishioners to advertise services.

· Items for the Bulletin. The purpose of the church bulletin is to provide communication about the church, church ministries, church events, etc. Submit info by noon on Thursday ten days prior to the bulletin you wish info to appear. Email to churchoffice@saint-johns.net. Send attachments in Word or Excel. We do not provide space inside the church bulletin to advertise services.


Children’s Mass (available Aug-May). Kids in 2-6 grades may participate in the Monthly Kid’s Mass on selected Saturdays at 4:30pm. Choir practices are Thurs, 3:30pm-4:30pm. Kids in 3-8 grades who want to lector or carry the gifts should contact Rosina Houle, 843.6682, . Questions? Darci Depenbusch 865.4321, darcilynd@msn.com.


Cemetery Plot. Mount Calvary is located at East 13th & Elwood St. with a south entrance from Oak Hill Ave. For acquiring a plot, contact John Chavez, 842.5602. Cemetery Plot information sheet.


Communion to Homebound. Those who cannot attend Mass due to illness or age and want to receive Communion need to contact Sr. Marcella, 843.0109. Eucharistic Ministers can bring Communion to the hospitalized, homebound, and nursing home residents.


Equipment. Coffeemakers, coolers, tables, chairs, etc. are not available to checkout/borrow.


First Friday Newsletter. On the first Friday of each month, except July and Aug, parishioners with valid e-mails receive our e-newsletter. We use this newsletter to remind parishioners of upcoming events, activities, change in Mass times, cancellations, etc. If you would like to receive the First Friday Newsletter, e-mail Jane Liebert with your current e-mail liebert@saint-johns.net.


Funerals. Contact the Simon Parish Center for funeral arrangements. Dinner provided. Cemetery plot information also available in parish center. Also see “Cemetery Plot” above.


How to Get Involved. As Catholics, we have been called by Christ to share the talents and gifts we are given with those in ministries around us. St. John offers many ways to share your skill and talents. The best way to know what is available is to get a copy of the bulletin after Mass or get a copy of the bulletin online by clicking here. The bulletin provides information where help is needed or areas of interest in serving others and the Lord. You can also view a complete list of ministries by clicking here where you will find a list of areas where you can get involved. You can also call the Simon Parish Center to ask about different ministries.


Joining St. John Church. We welcome you to our parish family, and hope you feel at home and among friends. To be a member, go to the “Joining & Giving to the Church” site. You can also contact Sr. Marcella, Office Assistant, 843.0109, and she will mail forms to your home.


Mass Intentions. Schedule Masses in honor of occasions or people. Suggested donation is $10. We also have Mass cards. Contact Sr. Marcella, Office Assistant, 843.0109.



· Anointing of the Sick. If you are having major surgery or seriously ill and want to receive the grace and healing of the Anointing of the Sick, contact the Simon Parish Center 843.0109. The hospital does not notify St. John when one is hospitalized.

· Baptism. Contact the Simon Parish Center to arrange for Baptism Preparation. No baptisms during Lent.

· First Communion. See “Religious Education.” 

· First Reconciliation: See “Religious Education”

· Confirmation. See “Religious Education”

· Marriage. Bride or groom must be a member of St. John. Contact the Simon Parish Center to meet with Fr. John 6 months prior to wedding date. No weddings in Lent or Advent.

· Holy Orders. Persons interested in religious life should see Fr. John Schmeidler.

· Becoming Catholic/RCIA. See “RCIA”


Tax Identification and 501(c)(3) Information. Our church and school are recognized tax-exempt nonprofits as described in section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Church Tax ID: 48-0576029 and School Tax ID: 48-0930227.


Virtus. In 2003, adults connected with a parish, school or agency in the Catholic Archdiocese of Kansas City had an opportunity to attend a forum designed to prevent the abuse of children. When adults who interact with children increase their awareness of child sexual abuse, they form a shield that protects children. That shield is a network of adults alert to potentially abusive situations and children with the confidence to speak up. All parishioners are encouraged to learn how to discuss different aspects of abuse, including sexual abuse, with children and how to teach them to protect themselves. We hope to further educate parishioners about the warning signs of abuse and teach strategies for maintaining safe environments for children. Everyone in the parish could benefit from attending a Virtues class. Sessions are held at St. John and throughout the Archdiocese. Check out www.archkck.org click on Protect God’s Children or contact Lois Mersmann, 843.0109, lmersmann@saint-johns.net.

St. John Church


1229 Vermont  Lawrence, Kansas  66044  785.843.0109

Go to the websites below to purchase religious items including First Communion, Confirmation. St. John Church does not sell religious items.


I.Donnelly orr call 1-800-821-5372

Autom or call 1-800-521-2914

Sacco or call 1-800-231-7513

Catholic Direct or call 888-284-2120

Purchase a brick in our Walk of Faith Brick Garden. Click here to print an order form. Bricks are purchased and installed throughout the year.

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