Your One Thing: Inspiration Board

Here is some of what the parishioners and youth of St. John have decided to do!
Schedule and follow prayer time … every day.
Make the sign of the cross to bookend meal prayer.
Read the Daily Readings each day and take 15 minutes for undistracted prayer.
I commit to reading my bible for 5 minutes each day.
Read the bible every night – at least one chapter!
Start a praise journal, and journal daily.
Go to Reservoir Adoration with my daughters.
Pray for people (even if they are not my favorite person in the world).
Say the rosary once a week with my family
Have a silent reflection every day after lunch or before bed thinking about what I did, either good or bad, and pray to fix the bad things to God/Jesus/Mary.
Spending at least 10 minutes of “quiet time” in prayer with no outside noise/distractions daily. And reading the Bible on Tuesdays.
Pray for 5 minutes every night before bed.
Find one thing in nature daily that exemplifies God’s good work and thank him for it through prayer!
I will pray daily, read the Bible weekly, and venture into my faith, not being scared to ask questions.
I want to try to recognize more people I know and say hi to them and make them feel special. I want to say hello to everyone I know, no matter how badly they have treated me.
Ask questions (text Jen). Spend5-10 minutes with prayer and God.
On my way home from school I will say a prayer every day.
I am going to pray before every meal. At school I don’t always notice my blessings as much as I should. I think doing this would help to remember myblessings even when I am not eating dinner at home with my parents.
Go to one daily Mass per week and Sunday.
Pray within one minute of waking up.
Praying to God every night before be to help me with daily struggles and sins. Also praying for other people and thanking him every night for what he has given me.
Will come to Reservoir Adoration for the semester.
Learn a new prayer every week and say it every night before bed that week. Memorize the words as opposed to just the order of the words.
Read my bible for five minutes each day. I am not a Bible person, so it will be a challenge for me!
To pray the rosary once a week!
Get my best friend to come to youth group with me. She doesn’t believe in God or the fact that there could be anything else besides life on earth. Neither of her parents go to church either. I hope that I can get her to come and even hopefully come to church with me sometime.
Pray the rosary at least once a week.
Praying before every meal.
Wake up 10 minutes earlier to pray in the morning. Maybe a Divine Mercy Chaplet?
Pray before meals at school or no matter where I am and who I’m with; I can try really hard to pray.
To be a light for others. To help make their darkness bright (and update teensagainstabortion more often).
Be kinder to the people I care about.
I would like to make an effort to come to adoration once a month.
Embrace his mercy and compation, help those in nee and those abandoned.
Adoration once a week or daily Mass once a week at St. John.
Spend time in personal prayer and reflection each day including praying the rosary, scripture readings, etc.
I will be attending the women’s retreat Septemeber 8-9 and I will become involve in that ministry.
Family Adoration.
Pray first thing each day.
To read a bible story to my daughter each day to bring us closer to God.
When I start thinking negatively, I will replace those thoughts with Hail Marys until I feel positive again…even if that takes a whole rosary!
I’m going to read theology / religious books instead of sci-fi this year!
Drive in silence when alone to allow for prayer!
Fasting for the conversion of souls.
Additional prayers each day and quiet time in silence listening for our Lord’s direction and guidance.
Praying together as a couple.

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