It has begun!  It is a lifetime of growing deeper in relationship with God and community, of growing into the mysteries of the faith, of growing in awareness of our own gifts given for the good of the community.  It is Mystagogy.  And while it lasts a lifetime for all Catholic Christians, it is formally, for the neophytes, the first year after being fully initiated.  It is a year of apprenticeship, a year of being mentored, a year of integrating into the larger parish community. 


During their formation periods, our neophytes were made aware of, observed, attended and helped with bits and pieces of the prayer and service life of the parish.  On Sunday, May 4, they will present their FIRST ANNUAL COVENANT OF TIME, TALENT AND TREASURE during the presentation of the gifts at one of the liturgies.  Their gift-wrapped commitment forms will be handed to Fr. John who represents our entire community.  It was a visual reminder that all that we are and all that we have is given to be blessed and offered to God.


They have signed up for, or expressed an interest in learning more about, a variety of parish ministries and committees.  By marking the commitment forms they have an opportunity to become involved in any number of activities and ministries that will help them find their place in the parish. 


We’ve washed them in the baptismal waters or heard their profession of faith; we’ve anointed them with Sacred Chrism and shared with them the Eucharistic meal. Now, it is time for all of us to open ranks and incorporate our neophytes into all that we do as a faith community to further the mission of Jesus on earth.  It is time to invite Jon and Melinda Davis, Sam Sul, Kirsten Whitlock, Amy Adams, Alice and James Benson, Terri Broadwell, Kelly Jimenez, Mike McAfee, Lori Odell, Hal Sears, Susan Wakefield and Carl Welch to become one with us in the work of the Church.  They are new life in our parish community.



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