Images: Car Bashing

St. John School: Car Bashing 2012

On the afternoon of Friday, April 20th, students of St. John School retreated from their classrooms and gathered outside to help bash out hunger.

With an offering of a canned food donation fourth, fifth and sixth-graders were able to take a few swings of a sledgehammer to a car (which had been decorated by the students with words illustrating everything they wanted out: hunger, hatred, injustice, etc.) donated by Danny Fox of Lawrence Automotive Diagnostics.

The students, accompanied by their teachers, youth director Jennifer Meitl-Conrad and principal Pat Newton, took turns showcasing their best swings for thirty minutes before Fr. John and other adults (including our own Sr. Marcella!) stepped in to give the final blows.

All canned offerings were donated to the Trinity Interfaith Food Pantry, helping to – if not bash it out altogether – at least put a welcomed dent into the hunger problems of those in need.


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