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St. John Middle School

Expansion for 7th and 8th grades

St. John School is committed to

expand to include 7th and 8th grades


The current 5th graders will �lead the way� through middle school. 7th grade will be offered 2012-13. Sixth grade will be considered middle school during the 2011-12 school year.


Our Student Advisory Council (4th, 5th, and 6th graders) meets weekly to help make decision about the new middle school.


Sabatini and Associates have designed a beautiful addition to the school which would include a new full-size gym, library, and five classrooms. A capital campaign is in progress to raise $3.3 million dollars for the building project. Click on the following links to view drawings of the proposed building. To participate in the building project, click here.

St. John Middle School Steering Committee


Julie Coleman

School Council President


Justin Cordova, School Council


Susan Williams, School Council


John Milburn, School Council


Kevin Oneslager

School Council and Technology Consultant


Krista Thomas, School Council


Dr. Diana Carlin,

Associate Vice President for Graduate Education, St. Louis University


Dr. Tom Erb,

retired KU professor of education and authority on middle school


Jen Meitl

Youth Director, St. John Parish


David Carttar, parent


Chris English

parent and director of CYO


Leslie McCaffrey, parent


Jana Wallen, parent


Terri Broadwell, teacher


Tammy Buckner, teacher


Pat Newton, principal


Fr. John Schmeidler, pastor

David Carttar, parent, met with 5th grade students and� designed a school mascot and chose school colors. The students chose an eagle for the St. John mascot.


The following is the story of the selection process:


story of the mascot and school colors by David Carttar, parent and Middle School Steering committee member)

I met with the fifth-graders and we talked about the historical meanings of color in Christian art and the Catholic Church.  The students chose not only the colors they liked the best, but also the meanings, or values, that they most wanted to represent our school: Courage, Strength, Endurance, Freedom, Hope, Light, and Nature.  The color combinations that won the most support were red and gold, with blue in a supporting role.


Regarding mascots, we discussed how these represented their institutions in combinations of history, values, and environment.  The students� researched each of these with regard to Saint John the Evangelist and the Saint John parish in Lawrence.  After discussing the results of this research, the students voted on their favorite mascots, and the eagle received by far the most support.


The school colors are vermilion, gold, and chalcedony blue.  Vermilion, an ancient variant of red, represents the Holy Spirit, which guides us in our faith, our studies, and our growth.  Gold represents our students, the most precious asset of our school, and the light of knowledge.  Blue represents many things: heaven, the Virgin Mary, and service to others; chalcedony, a �waxy-blue� gemstone, is found in the part of Asia Minor where Saint John the Evangelist spent the last years of his life as part of the early Church.


The school mascot is the eagle, which is the traditional symbol of Saint John the Evangelist, going back at least 1,500 years.  It comes from a time when the Church used pictures to teach the faithful, and different symbols helped distinguish figures in the Bible from each other.  It represents Saint John�s insight into the divine nature of Christ: as eagles were thought to be able to look into the light of the sun without being blinded, John could look at the glory of God in the same way.  On a local note, bald eagles are also annual visitors to Lawrence.


The school�s eagle design is scaled and proportioned to the existing �Faith-Knowledge-Service-Growth� logo, and is intended to coexist with it.  Rays of light, representing both knowledge and inspiration, spread out behind the eagle�s head.  The eagle holds two objects: a rosary, representing our Catholic faith and tradition; and a scroll, representing both the Gospel of John and our scholarly aspirations.

���.David Carttar



For further info, please contact Mrs. Pat Newton at the school office or email at newton@saint-johns.net.

1208 Kentucky Lawrence, Kansas 66044 Phone:785-843-9511

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