Discipleship (for parents)

2014-15 St. John Discipleship Groups

Attention, parents! In case you missed the changes to our high school program last year, the model we use for formation at the high school level at St. John the Evangelist is a small group discipleship model.

What does this mean?

This means that once things are rolling for the school year, small discipleship groups meet with their core team leader every two weeks for two hours. This requires a signed commitment form from the students, just like any sport/school activity. This gives our ministry an opportunity to better meet the needs of the individual students of our Parish by ministering as Jesus did (James, John and Peter were his closest homeboys).:)Ministry bears much more fruit in this way.

What does this mean for my high school student who is not in a discipleship group?

Students have an opportunity at the beginning of each semester to join a discipleship group. There are also monthly social events, service opportunities and community events that all students can participate in. Please be sure that you are on the weekly email list serve to be notified of these events. Email to be added to the list serve.

Why would I want my high school student in a discipleship group?

We strongly encourage this formation experience for your teens. Our leaders are passionate, dynamic and full of the love of Christ. There is also a parent component to the program—after each small group meeting you will receive a parent sheet with the information covered that helps you to dialogue with your students about faith and life. One parent says, “[my student] and I have had the chance to discuss things that I have never thought about bringing up before.” This holistic approach to faith formation helps you as a parent to catechize and support your student in their faith journey.

How can I get my student signed up?

Jen will take you out to lunch! Call/text her at 785-766-6189!

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