Policies/Code of Conduct

Described below are the conduct policies for the St. John Youth Group. We ask that all students and parents read through and become familiar with this material. Additionally, it is necessary for every student to complete and return the St. John Youth Code of Conduct Agreement, which can be downloaded here:

Please read the information below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jen Meitl Conrad at or call/text 785.766.6189.

Code of Conduct:

At all St. John Youth events, youth are expected to abide by the Youth Code of Conduct (see attached). Overall, youth are asked to be respectful and courteous to those around them, and, if found to be out of line with the goals of the programming or the Youth Code of Conduct, then the following actions will be taken:

Strike 1:

When inappropriate behavior occurs at any youth event, the student will be alerted of the infraction that has occurred, and the parent will be notified by the Youth Minister via phone call that week to discuss the particular infraction.

Strike 2:

If the behavior does not improve and is found to be disruptive again, then the student will be required to schedule a meeting with the Youth Minister, the Pastor, and the parents to discuss the appropriate behavior modifications that need to take place before the student is allowed to participate again in youth events at St. John the Evangelist.

Strike 3:

Student will be asked to leave the event immediately (parents will be called) and will not be allowed to attend youth events at St. John the Evangelist until the behavior has been corrected and no longer exists. Duration of suspension is subject to the infraction committed and the judgment of the Youth Minister and the Pastor. If student is allowed to continue participation, parent(s) are required to attend all youth functions with their child.

**Please Note:

On overnight youth group trips and retreats, this policy is modified to a two-strike policy including strikes one and three. One addition will then be made: The student who committed the infraction will be taken to the nearest Greyhound bus station/airport and will catch the next bus/plane to Lawrence. The parent/family of the student will be responsible for the cost of the bus/plane ticket home.

The Good People Policy:

(i.e. the Cell Phone/I-Pod/Other Electronic Doo-hickeys Policy): At all St. John Youth events, cell phones and electronics are subject to the “good people” policy. This policy means that when you are interacting with good people, you need to be fully present to those around you (i.e. NO cell phones/I-pod earbuds/gaming devices). This includes guest speakers, presentations, group activities, adoration, and spiritual talks. Beyond these activities, electronic devices will be permissible. For instance, if the group is experiencing downtime (i.e. bus rides, free time and the like), then cell phones and I-pods are acceptable.

You should note, however, that you should NOT bring any electronics that you are not okay with losing, as accidents happen and St. John will not be held responsible for lost electronic devices.

Also to be noted: chaperones, adults and core team members are allowed to ask you to put away your phone/electronic devices AT ANY TIME within the duration of a youth program when it is diverting the attention of you or other students. You will be asked to put the device away, and then, if you do not comply, the device will be taken from you and not returned until the end of the event.

Trip Cancellation Policy:

No refunds will be given when a student cancels their participation in an activity or event. Furthermore, students will be held responsible for the full price of the trip (even if a scholarship has been offered) if he/she cancels and St. John has already paid for the spots for the trip. The timeline for this will vary trip by trip; students should be made aware that sometimes things like buses and hotel arrangements must be made in advance and St. John will take the hit if they decide at the last minute not to attend. Payments can be made toward this debt, but it is important for students to be held accountable for their decisions. Please contact the Youth Minister if you have questions about this policy.

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