Youth Ministry Team

Welcome to the St. John Ministry Core Team! From young adults to adults young at heart, you’ll find much diversity and compassion within our crew. Use this page to learn more about where they serve our Parish, and keep them in your prayers.

Interested in joining our team? Check out the “For Volunteers” menu above or Click Here for More Details!

Jen Meitl Conrad

Read Jen’s Bio

Pete Haack

Read Pete’s Bio

Emily Haack

Read Emily’s Bio

Brandon Volz

Read Brandon’s Bio

Nicole Jones

Read Nicole’s Bio

Bill Modrzynski

Read Bill’s Bio

Jeff Cramer

Read Jeff’s Bio

Jessica Pauly

Read Jessica’s Bio

Matt Pauly

Read Matt’s Bio

Nancy Jones

Read Nancy’s Bio

Keith Conrad

Read Keith’s Bio

Dina Lyne

Read Dina’s Bio

Kayla Burditt

Read Kayla’s Bio

Melanie D’Souza

Read Melanie’s Bio

Anna Sabatini

Read Anna’s Bio

Jordan McEntee

Read Jordan’s Bio

Elizabeth Swartz

Read Elizabeths’s Bio

Fr. Mike Scully

Read Fr. Mikes’s Bio

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