Middle School – Math

Middle School: Math

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Sixth Grade

Mathematics: Sixth Grade

Text: Holt McDougal Mathematics—Grade 6 (Common Core Edition)

Topics covered include:

• Whole Number Operations and Properties
• Rational Numbers — Theory and Operations
Decimals, fractions and per cents—all operations and conversions
Proportional reasoning
• Introduction to Algebra
Recognize and evaluate expressions
Formulate and solve one step equations
• Data Collection and Analysis
Calculate, identify and interpret measures of central tendency
Create a variety of data displays and interpret data shown in displays
• Measurement and Geometry
Apply customary and metric measurement units
Convert measurements between different units
Find perimeter and area of quadrilaterals, triangles, and combined shapes
Find volume and surface area of simple prisms
• Introduction to Integers and Integer Operations

Seventh Grade

Mathematics: Seventh Grade

Text: Holt McDougal Mathematics—Grade 7 (Common Core Edition)

Topics covered include:

• Algebraic Reasoning:
Simplify expressions
Solve 1 & 2-step equations
Apply algebra concepts to real world problem solving
• Rational Numbers:
Calculate with all operations in all formats ( fractions, decimals, and per cents)
Recognize equivalent values and convert between formats
Solve percent of change problems
Solve simple and compound interest problems
• Integers:
Calculate with all operations and
evaluate multi step problems following the correct order of operations
Also work with negatives on rational numbers
• Proportional Reasoning:
Solve proportions using multiple methods
Solve problems involving geometric figures, scale models and proportional measurements
Create models to represent the proportions.
• Graphs:
Use the coordinate plane and ordered pairs to graph lines
Find slope of a line and describe slope as a rate of change
Interpret qualitative graphs
• Data Displays and Statistics:
Explore population and sample size through experimental activities
Find and display measures of central tendency and quartiles
• Geometry and Measurement:
Classify all angle types and describe angle pair relationships
Examine angles within polygons and determine congruency
Find perimeter and area of circles and irregular figures
Find volume and surface area of 3-dimensional figures
• Probability:
Understand and calculate experimental and theoretical probability
Determine dependent and independent events, and explain their effect on probability
Explore combinations and permutations

Eighth Grade

Mathematics: Eighth Grade

Text: Holt Algebra 1

Topics covered include:

• Real and Rational Number Systems:
Compute using operations with integers and rational numbers
Calculate with exponents and square roots
Work with scientific notation
• Equations and Inequalities:
Solve simple and complex equations with multiple operations and variables on both sides
Solve and graph inequalities
Solve systems of equations
• Geometry:
Find perimeter and area of regular and complex shapes
Apply the Pythagorean Theorem
• Rates, Ratios, and Proportions:
Applications of proportions including solving percent problems with proportions
• Functions:
Recognize graphical functions
Write and linear functions using intercepts and using slope formula
Determine slope of lines, including perpendicular and parallel lines
Identify quadratic functions
Solve quadratic equations by guess and check
• Data, Analysis, and Probability:
Create and interpret a variety of data displays
Calculate Theoretical and experimental probability with independent and dependent events
• Polynomials:
Apply laws of Exponents to polynomials
Perform computations with polynomials

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