Get Involved With Your Student!

Faith Grows at Home
The Premise:

This year we are going to dig deep, and ask you (the parents) to become even more involved in your students’ faith lives. The youth have taken a big step forward in choosing to attend youth nights at St. John. Now we are urging you to help nurture that faith at home!

What we are Suggesting:

Well, for starters, continue to be the wonderful role models that you already are! When they come home form youth group, ask your children what they learned or discussed today, and offer your own input! Don’t be afraid to ask questions – that is how we can all grow in faith (yes, even you, too)!

What we are Not Suggesting:

We in no way want to imply that anything at home needs “fixing.” Just the opposite, in fact: for your students to be actively involved in the St. John Youth Group, wonderful things must be happening at home!

The Big Idea:

The big idea is this: How can we expect our youth to live as models of Christ’s love if we ourselves are not doing our best to be models of Christ’s love as well? The more support we provide, the healthier and happier our students will be as they journey through the discovery and development of their own faith lives.

We Need Your Help:

Please support us in our effort to reach out to the St. John youth. Continue to be an active part of your child’s faith lives. Ask questions. Give answers. Be models. And if you ever have any questions or concerns for us, you can always contact Jen at or call/text 785.766.6189.

Thank you for your support. Let’s have a great year!

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